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Privacy Policy

AM Vitality Ltd. (headquarters: Horvát u. 14-24., 1027 Budapest, Hungary, registration number: 01-09-180889), is in compliance with the applicable provisions of data protection legislation, including particular provisions of the Act CXII dated 2011, on the right of self-determination and freedom of information. By sending their CVs to AM Vitality Ltd., applicants specifically acknowledge and agree that AM Vitality Ltd. will manage their personal data in accordance with the objectives set out in this Privacy Policy for the time period and to the extent required to realize these objectives.

Data Manager : AM Vitality Ltd.

Venue of data management: Horvát u. 14-24., 1027 Budapest, Hungary

Contact of Data Manager:

Phone: +36-70-60-88390; +36-70-60-88391;
E-mail:, and These e-mails are being protected from spambots. JavaScript has to be enabled in order to view them.

Privacy Registry ID: in process

Objective of data management:

Personal data are collected, used and processed only in the context of recruitment and other related services, we receive them directly from stakeholders and process these data with their consent. Objective of data management is among others providing information to job seekers about potential job opportunities, continuous updating of our candidate database, informing clients about potential candidates, and forwarding information about potential candidates to our clients in the EEA States or in third countries, and providing information about our activities to clients. The aggregated data - without any direct connection to data of any specific applicants - can be used to compile statistics and publications as well.

Legal basis of data management:

Based on § 5 and § 6 of the Act CXII dated 2012, pursuant to the consent of the persons concerned, as well as on 13. § of the Government regulation no. 118/2001. (VI. 30.) on the obligation to provide data on the recruitment data collection.

Scope of personal data processed:

Personal identification information, contact details, information about education and experience, salary expectations, candidate references, certifications, areas of interest, employment goals and motivations provided by the applicant.

Access to data and data sharing:

The data processing is carried out by the colleagues of the data manager. Applicants’ personal information are processed and transmitted to foreign clients (hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions), or foreign recruitment agencies and their intermediaries in EEA Member States (as well as other countries of the world) solely based on the applicants’ consent provided in an electronic, written, telephone or verbal form. The only exception to this is, if there are any legally mandatory, or statistical reporting obligations (e.g. to crime investigations, court proceedings, etc.), or a full or partial sale of AM Vitality Ltd.

Duration of data management and deleting, modifying personal data:

The duration of the data management is the time period of using the services of the data manager, i.e. the period during which the CV of the job seeking stakeholder is in possess of the data manager and the job seeking stakeholder has not requested their cancellation in writing. The data manager ensures that the job seeking stakeholders can access and modify their own data by using the communication channels through which they previously provided their personal data to the data manager. Those personal data which are incorrect can be corrected by the data manager.

The job seeking stakeholders can ask the data manager any time to delete their personal data by sending a written message or letter to the or, or to the address of the data manager's office Horvát u. 14-24., 1027 Budapest, Hungary. These e-mail addresses are being protected from spambots. JavaScript has to be enabled to view them.

Data security:

Storage and processing of data are made in the venue of AM Vitality Ltd. and via the database of The AM Vitality Ltd makes all administrative, IT and physical security measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, unauthorized modifications of personal data, illegal transmission, erasure or destruction, such as from accidental destruction and damage.

The job seeking stakeholders’ rights and enforcement options:

The personal data will be stored for at least one year and any job seeking stakeholder may request to amendment and - if (s)he does not wish to continue to use our services - deletion of their personal data. This has to be requested in writing (due to his/her identification) to the e-mail address, or in a letter containing his/her name and date of birth.
The job seeking stakeholder may request information about management of his/her personal data. The data manager – based on this request – shall provide information on his/her personal data that are managed, objective, legal basis, duration of data management and about other activities related to data management, and about any transmission of data, i.e. who and when have received his/her data. Such request for information has to be sent to, or in an e-mail, or in a letter sent to the venue of the data manager's office, Horvát u. 14-24., 1027 Budapest, Hungary. These e-mail addresses are being protected from spambots. JavaScript has to be enabled to view them.
The data manager is required to provide information in writing, in a comprehensible form in the shortest time from the filing of the information request, but not more than 30 days. The job seeking stakeholders can contact directly the data manager who is obliged to do everything it can in order to swift elimination and remedy of possible violations. Further privacy enforcement assistance can be requested based on Act CXII dated 2012 on National Data Protection and Freedom of Information request via Authority: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c, +36 ( 1 ) 391-1400,


Damage as result of the illegal handling, or violating the requirements of the data management, or other technical data protection requirements are obligated to pay. The data manager shall be exempt from liability if he proves that the damage was outside the scope of data management and was result of an unavoidable cause. Damage shall not have to be compensated to the extent the damage was caused by injured party's willful or grossly negligent behaviour.

Other privacy information:

The data manager reserves the right to change its privacy policy and statement. This would be possible if the range of services expands, or if it is required by legislation. Change of data management can not mean the use of personal data for different purposes. Information on the changes will be published 10 days in advance by the data manager in the form of a message on the website Stakeholders will accept the revised privacy policy if they after the amendment enters into force, continue to use the services of the data manager. We recommend to our job seeking stakeholders to read from time to time the privacy policy, in order they always use our services based on timely and effective information.

Last updated: 07 December, 2013.

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